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Foster the Village, Inc. will support children in Brown County removed from parental custody due to abuse or neglect, and the foster families who take them in, through monetary and in-kind donations.

Approximately 250 children are in foster care in Brown County and more enter each week.

Foster the Village is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3, non-profit organization formed to provide aid to the Brown County Foster Care community. We supply clothing, shoes, diapers, and other care items to children who arrive in foster care without adequate supplies after being removed from parental custody due to abuse or neglect. Immediate access to clothing and other items aids the transition for children and allows foster parents to focus on other urgent needs of the children.
We believe that children in foster care should live as normal a life as possible experiencing love, respect, and a kinder side of life while in their foster care home environment. By providing these children with new or very gently used, up-to-date clothing and supplies, we can help raise their self-esteem so they can feel good about themselves regardless of their situation. Your kindness and generosity will make a significant positive impact on their young lives. THANK YOU!
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